SPEY Influencer Report

We partnered with Upfluence and set out to establish a ‘power list’ style ranking of the most influential Scottish people on Twitter.

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We partnered with Upfluence to conduct research into the most influential Scottish people on twitter in 2021.

We used Upfluence to look at the Twitter accounts of individuals from Scotland, and measured their engagement rate in 2021.

There were three criteria for who we monitored.

i) They needed 10k followers or more.

ii) They needed to have tweeted at least ten times last year.

iii) They were not involved in politics. We deliberately excluded politicians.

We then took all of that info and collated it into a Top Twenty. We had our Top 20 Scottish Influencers of 2021. And we had data to back it up.


Our report was initially given us an exclusive to PA, we added the report with some extra detail to our website on how we did it. After the PA story, it was also picked up by The National, The Herald, The Daily Record and STV.

The report ended up trending UK-wide on twitter with some of those ranking high on the list also sharing the list to their own followers.

The report did exactly what we aimed to do, which was create a piece of research on influencers in Scotland.

We set new records for the number of impressions and engagements we received on Twitter not only for a single tweet but for the best performing month we have had on the platform overall.

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