Skills for Employers: Knowledge+

Universities Scotland asked us to publicise the value of HE graduates to employers and the wider economy. We produced a campaign visual identity, name and associated copy and content.

We built our campaign around peer-reviewed insights: that HE graduates have transferable meta skills and behaviours that are of great value to employers, that this value is at least equal to discipline-specific knowledge and that these qualities are especially valuable in volatile economic times.

The selected campaign, Knowledge+, centred the most highly prized meta skills. We interviewed employers to create videos for use on digital and social media and designed a customisable toolkit of digital assets for use across platforms by Universities Scotland and their partners that garnered 67 likes and 70 shares across all their feeds.

Infographics Twitter V2 Collaboration
Quote Twitter V2 Adaptability
Quote Twitter V2 Prob Solve
Infographics Twitter V2 Drive