Scotland’s First Tonic Water

Named after Walter Gregor, a 19th century minister who served the historic parish of Pitsligo by order of Queen Victoria. He was a renowned academic and plantsman and the botanics to flavour his tonic water are being grown in the garden of his former manse in Peathill. A new brand identity and website was needed for Scotland’s first tonic water as they prepared to launch a new product line.

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What we did

An immersive brand workshop and discovery day at Pitsligo to unearth Walter’s character and the priorities for the product. We then created branding inspired by their coastal location and their garden, in which natural ingredients are grown for the tonic water. Photography and a videography were created to bring the brand to life, which was then used across all packaging and labels with a fully responsive website.


SPEY’s branding can now be found on Walter Gregor’s new range of five different tonic waters across independent shops throughout the UK, as well as several Waitrose locations which have seen a substantial increase in sales. This has been driven by the new digital platform where customers can now find their nearest stockist and find serve suggestions.

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