Lochlea Distillery

Lochlea Distillery is an independently-owned single-malt producer in Ayrshire. We were tasked with building the brand and anticipation of their first release before the bottles hit the shelves.

NMP 2156

Over nine months we built the Lochlea website, social media presence and brand visibility across the media.

We created regular video content highlighting the unique Ayrshire barley, wrote extensively on their sustainability credentials, and and positioned the distillery as the most exciting new proposition in whisky.

We coordinated global media across print, broadcast, online and podcast, to build anticipation and excitement ahead of their first release.


Our activity reached huge numbers across the globe, and an avid level of excitement amongst their fans, followers and mailing list. We helped their first cask collection sell out in record time, and built anticipation ahead of their first release. 

The whisky was launched globally on January 25, and sold out across ten markets in a matter of ours. We saw stories of huge queues outside independent off-licences and customers waiting in shops for hours until their delivery arrived. 

We obtained 252 pieces of coverage for the distillery as well as growing the social following from zero to 10,000 by launch. The total reach of our social posts by launch was 1.4 billion.

NMP 2091