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Creative Strategy

Helping brands become more effective and create a point of difference is what we do. Whether you need transformational brand strategy for your communications, digital experiences or more valuable relationships with your customers - we are ready.

Integrated Media

Public Relations

The cornerstone of our services. Whether you are a consumer or a business, PR today has to be both print and digital-ready, and harness the power of media relations, social, and creative together. We’re skilled across the board, allowing us to project your brand to the world’s media across media, investor and crisis communications.


Social Media

We know how to create highly shareable content and meaningfully connect you with your target audiences from channel management to content creation and strategy across paid and earned. Working seamlessly with our PR and creative teams, we deliver integrated campaigns that are talked about for the right reasons.

Social Media

Influencer Engagement

We marry rigorous audience analytics with artful co-created content that is relevant to influencers’ loyal fans. Whether “micro” or “macro”, we work with a global network of influencers that are relevant and credible voices not just for millennials and GenZ but baby boomers too.

Content Creation


Our agile production team are experts in fully developed brand identity, campaign collateral, website design and email marketing. We work with a talented network of creatives, producers, videographers, photographers and user interface designers who all bring our clients’ stories to life and deliver on the strategy.

Brand Experiences


Creating one-of-a-kind experiences that enable brands to have deeper engagements with consumers and media. From product launches to bartender competitions and immersive high footfall experiences we create brand experiences that are unforgettable.

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Gaelic Communications

Gaelic is an integral part of Scotland’s heritage, culture, and identity and at SPEY we firmly believe in Scotland’s future too. A first of its kind, our Gaelic communications service offers integrated communication services through the medium of Gaelic. Offering bilingual communication across all our services campaigns and content not only makes it easier for your brand to be a part of the vibrant Gaelic media landscape, but also helps to raise the awareness and status of the Gaelic language in Scotland and further afield.

You can read more about our Gaelic communications service in Gaelic or in English.