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Meet the team - Jack Michael

Meet our Digital Associate, Jack

How did you begin your career in Digital?

My career in Digital began straight out of school with my first full-time job doing in-house marketing for a home improvement firm. This covered all disciplines of their marketing but I particularly enjoyed digital. I then joined SPEY as a Digital Associate to work with a wider range of clients and experience agency life, which has definitely been a good move. I’ve also worked in digital for football clubs and organisations, including Caley Thistle, Brora Rangers and The Highland League.

What’s been the best experience at SPEY so far?

Definitely the North team visit to Benriach. As a newbie to the whisky industry, I found it fascinating to discover more about the flavour profiles of the different drams. Though time meeting the team in person has been limited due to COVID restrictions, I have really enjoyed it when the opportunities have arisen.

I also have enjoyed the various Friday afternoon quizzes that have taken place as it has allowed me to get to know a lot of the team better. As well as this, I have to mention how good the team was when I was going through some hard times away from work.

What’s been your favourite project to work on so far in your career?

I really enjoyed working on a TV ad which was broadcast on Sky, which was pretty cool. It involved drone footage of some far flung properties in the Highlands showing off the areas in which work had been done. Taking this project through all the various Sky approval procedures was one that was tough but very interesting in seeing how a TV ad actually comes together.

What do you get up to when you’re not at work?

My time outside of work is primarily spent on anything related to football, being a big Caley Thistle fan and a Director of Brora Rangers, this certainly takes up a lot of my time outside of work. When not busy with either of these, I enjoy travelling across Europe and embracing football culture, whilst also sampling some of the local drinks.

When I get the chance, I am also a keen golfer, so I enjoy playing at my home course of Nairn as well as playing in competitions around the Highlands.

What is your favourite book/podcast?

I enjoy reading, and although I don’t do it nearly as much as I would like, one of the best books I’ve read in recent years was the autobiography of Sir Alex Ferguson. Again, it’s football related, but there are some incredible stories in there. In fiction titles, one of my favourites is The Great Gatsby, just an all round great book.

I’m a big podcast fan with a lot of football ones in there too, such as The Scottish Football Marketing Podcast and the Sports Marketing Scotland podcast. Yes, I know there’s a theme here. I find both of these very interesting as it manages to combine a passion of mine and my day job. Outside of football related content, I enjoy the High Performance podcast. It was recommended to me recently and I find learning about the routines of high performance athletes and business people very interesting so I would definitely recommend that also.

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