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Becoming Carbon Neutral

At SPEY thinking global and acting local isn’t a phrase, it is a way of life.

With a business based in the Highlands of Scotland, working remotely has become second nature and the term isolation is not unknown, indeed we think it can be splendid. At SPEY we have embraced the obstacles and maximise the benefits that come with remote working.

Brilliant ideas from agencies are not just generated within big cities, but flourish successfully outside these crowded environments where our rural environment provides space to think freely away from the bustle of the city. While the coronavirus pandemic has posed major uncertainty for city companies and impacted the structure in which they work, for us it is just another working day. The new normal is our normal normal.

Our team knows what remote working entails and how to do it successfully. That's just one of the reasons the world's leading PR body named us the best small agency in the UK.

A driver behind this culture of working minimising our impact on the environment. At SPEY thinking global and acting local isn’t a phrase, it is a way of life. We really care about the communities where we operate and working sustainably to help protect our planet. That’s why we have taken everyday steps to reduce our carbon footprint from stopping flights within the UK, enabling staff to work from home to reduce commuting, and utilising video calls with clients to reduce unnecessary travelling. 

On World Earth Day we started an exciting project by supporting Trees for Life, a locally based charity working to rewild the caledonian forest in the Highlands of Scotland. Our SPEY grove will be planted soon, and we will continue to add further trees to keep our carbon footprint neutral. Our staff as well as our clients have the opportunity to contribute to this, helping us to conserve the natural forest environment for future generations. 

Since 1993 Trees for Life have planted nearly two million trees across 44 tree planting sites, and we look forward to supporting them in their vision of a revitalised wild forest, providing space for wildlife to flourish and communities to thrive.

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