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A graduate working in the Highlands of Scotland

Our graduate Róise on what it's like to work from home in the middle of a pandemic:

Based in the Highlands of Scotland, working remotely has become second nature and the term isolation is not unknown. As a graduate, it’s my first time experiencing the benefits of working from home and it’s intriguing to experience how SPEY embraces the obstacles and benefits that come with remote working.

SPEY has proved that brilliant ideas from agencies are not just generated within big cities, but flourish successfully outside these crowded environments. Amid the coronavirus pandemic and the consistent need to self isolate, it is difficult to remain positive when uncertainties threaten the structure on which we work. However, unlike many companies, here at SPEY, we know what remote working entails and more importantly.... we know how to do it successfully.

Communication is key in any business, but maintaining a high level of communication between team members is fundamental when working remotely. At SPEY, we begin each morning with an internal catch up where the whole team discusses what individuals will be doing that day. This daily meeting ensures everyone begins each day knowing what they - and others - are up to.

At SPEY, Google Hangouts are your best friend when it comes to remote working. Free, user friendly, and easily accessible, they work in conjunction with your google calendar. For example, you can create a hangout from an event in your calendar which enables you and whoever else is invited to easily access a video call. This means no mad scrambles for phone numbers and ensure face to face contact is possible.

Depending on who you talk to, working from home is rather like marmite. Some people love it as it offers clarity of thought. For others they find the constant cups of tea and the close proximity of the kitchen too distracting. At SPEY, we love a good to do list as these provide a structure to your working day. Setting daily targets is a great way to structure home working and also reinforces better time management as a whole.

And, although our current crisis makes everything seem gloomy, don’t forget there are many advantages to working from home. For one, my morning commute no longer exists. I have gained an hour to work on whatever I want, be it running, music... or answering more emails.

Another part I love is being able to create the environment you want to work in. Have you ever sat in the office and thought... if only I could turn on heavy metal music to get me through the day. Well, now you can and - of course being conscious of other household members- you can create a positive work environment that works for you.

Finally, the obvious has been ignored for too long. Working from home enables you to WORK IN YOUR PYJAMAS all day and ensure a constant cup of tea is always to hand! So, embrace the space you’re working in, enjoy flexible time and don’t forget to go outside as working from home does not mean you’re house bound. A five minute walk does wonders for the soul.

Onwards and upwards!


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